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Jewels Craft, a real diamond jewelry manufacturing unit based out of Mumbai, it was incorporated with the sole intention of crafting and manufacturing jewelry for consumers directly from its factory at direct factory cost and eliminating all middle agents or retailers in between assuring minimal costs endured on the consumer.

Jewels Craft as the name suggests is a real diamond jewelry manufacturing unit which crafts jewelry for its clients acknowledging their emotional quotient attached to it. We believe art is boundless and whatever you envision can be transitioned in the form of art.

Here at Jewels Craft we make sure that your precious is crafted with utmost precision and high finishing.

Our Services

Project Title

Job Work

We help clients re-utilize their old jewelry by using their diamonds / stones, gold and help them reinvent a staggering piece of jewelry.

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Jewelery Sale

The client can just simply select a design and place an order with us, and we take care of the purchasing of diamonds/stones and gold.

Project Title

Gold Trading

We help the client in trading in gold for investment purpose by giving them our expertise on the gold volatility trends.

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Buying & Selling of precious stones

We guide & arrange the best availble quality of all kinds of precious stones for a reasonable price for the client.

How we Work

Job Work:

  • Customer diamonds & gemstones: The client can send his diamonds and gemstones which he inherited from his ancestors or purchased it for investment purpose and create an innovative design and save on the cost of diamonds and gemstones
  • Gold: If the client has certain sentiments attached to his gold we re-utilize the clients gold and make sure the same gold is used. However the hallmark depends upon the purity of the gold.
  • Billing: The client is charged a minimal charge of handling on his diamonds and gemstones and just the labor on gold incurred for crafting his jewelry.

Jewelry Sale:

  • Size: Diamonds sizes are assorted in a symmetric manner, the sizes of the diamonds are selected as per the design with utmost precision.
  • Quality: It is ensured that the quality of diamonds are consistent throughout in order to give the jewelry a uniform look.
  • Gold: The client can choose to make jewelry from 9kt to 22kts and the gold shall be hallmarked.
  • Billing: We charge the customer for the diamonds and gold with a minimal margin.

What we Assure

Jewels Craft, under its supervision ensures:

  • Utmost quality control
  • Design Privacy
  • High finishing
  • Guaranteed weights of ornaments
  • Transparent Billing
  • On request certification of diamonds, gemstones & jewelry
  • Clear Guidance
  • Door to door timely delivery
  • Customization & modification of products*
  • Hallmarking

Clarity of Terms

  • Delivery of products depends upon the availability of the courier company in your area, you may have to go and collect your product from Courier Company’s office in certain circumstances.
  • Jewels Craft is not responsible or liable for any type of copyright infringement for the design provided by the client for Job-work.
  • Jewels Craft is only a direct factory concept wherein we charge the client only the minimal labor cost acquired for making their jewelry by the designs provided by the client, neither do we intend to acquire nor do we claim the copyrights for any design(s) provided by the client.
  • The client is whole and solely responsible and liable for any kind of design copyright infringement provided by him/her.
  • Customization are subject to labor cost incurred which shall be totally bared by the client, cost shall also include courier charges, travel expense and insurance charges.
  • Jewels Craft provides costs on an estimation, however the cost may vary and change at the time of delivery which shall be bared by the client as the raw materials like gold, diamonds, gemstones, labor etc are subject to change in market rates.
  • It shall be the duty of the client to read the Clarity of terms on the website or ask for clarity of terms through email or written modes, failing to which Jewels Craft shall consider it as accepted by the client and holds the authority to act as per the Clarity of Terms if incase required under any circumstances.
  • Failing of reading the Clarity of terms on the website or asking for the Clarity of Terms through email or written modes shall not be entertained as an excuse to be ignorant towards the Clarity of Terms policy and shall be treated as accepted on part of the client.

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